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The cool plans of the frog

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Travel the world

Dear friends expats and travellers,
We have the great pleasure to announce the launch of useful and free service on FrogsOnLine.
You will find there many infos to plan your travels: Travel the world
Good discovery and utilisation !!

And always for your comments or reactions
only one address And of course on the forum !

We compiled here a list of hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast all over the world : by countries and by cities.

US hotels
Worldwide hotels

London hotels

New stuff

Most visited towns

We are sensible to the needs of the travellers and expatriates and we think that FrogsOnLine has to help you in exchanging infos and keep intouch with family and friends. The forum is open.
Don't hesitate to share with us your comments or ideas !

IMPORTANT : it seems that we are experiencing problems with our email service (we don't receive anything or long after). We are working to solve this.




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