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How to participate

Your town on frogsonline?
"Very easy!" Marc Poirier, Tokyo

Make your searches useful to others

By sharing your findings and searches, you help the whole commuinty and you can establish useful contacts. And who knows, you next departure might be sooner than expected...

No needs to have computer knowledge

For a given town, we separate before and during. Before going, the e-expats are interested by the visas, the schools, moving, cost of life, etc... During, we are listing cultural activities (concerts), sociale activities (boating, soccer, gala diners etc...) , or good addresses(fine food, wine shop, etc... )  
The process is to send to post the text on the forum and we will then contact you for further publishing. Vous pouvez vous inspirer de ce que nous avons deja fait. We can also make you appear among the frogsonline editorial team contacts.

You can animate the forum of your country or town and answer questions.

I hope that you will find this activity useful and funny and we are waiting for your contact very soon.

Martin Guillaume, for the frogsonline team.



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