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   Living there
Tokyo: to live there
To react or participate, contact: Marc Poirier

Where to live ?

To say the truth, it's easy to answer this question. If you have children who will go to the french Japanese school, you better live near this scholl. Ichigaya, Yotsuya, Aoyama Akasaka are a few of the neighbourhoods nearby. There is a shuttle between the french ambassy and the scho9ol every morning.

If you are single or let say with children, then all the options are open. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the neighbourhood of Shibuya. It's nice and young place. There are a little less toursists than in Roppongi. Otherwise: Shibuya or Roppongi

If your budget is limited, you could also consider the near suburb of Tokyo. Shimo Kitazawa, Merima Ku …

[Interactive map of Tokyo]

The frogs general consulatein Tokyo

Don't forget to get immatriculated as soon as possible at the consulate. It's not an obligation but it's quite useful.

The frenco Japanase Institute of Tokyo

This institute is the place where the new immigrant arriving to Tokyo must know. It's a cultural exchange place. You can make a lot of contacts there. You can also visit there website.

The french association of Japan

The Home page is very good. It's surely the most complete page for a new Tokyoite. You can access all the informations one has to know about Japan and Tokyo in particular.

Restaurants and bars

Bars and Restos
More restaurants

The Weekends

Outside Tokyo
How to spend a weekend in a Onsen ( public japanese bath.) ? [here] or  [here]



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