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Boston : before going
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If you decide to go to Boston, there are many chances that it is for one of the 3 following goals:
  1. To study in one of its 60 local universities
  2. To work in high tech
  3. To work in risk capital or finance

If you are going there to work

There are some chances that you are going to work infinance, high tech, or even risk capital. In addition to be the financial place of the United States, Boston is a privileged place for start ups in high tech. Like hundreds of other software companies or internet services, Lycos, Open-Market or before them Lotus choosed Boston and its famous "road 128", the equivalent of silicon valley on the east coast.

It's not the only common thing between Boston and the Silicon Valley. As in this area of the west coast, Boston attracted many investors or "venture capitalists". Atlas Venture, who have offices in Paris and Boston, is one of them. But there is also Greylock, North Bridge, Matrix partners, or Charles River Venture.


Boston is definitly with New York and San Francisco, one of the most expansive cities in the United States.

Of course, costs will vary according to your states and requirements. As an average, it will cost per month:
- from $550 to $800 for a studio
- from $700 to $2,000 for a 1 bedroom flat,
- from $1,400 to $5,000 for a 3 bedrooms flat.

This is why, if you are a student, your best bet is to find roommates. It's usual and friendly, this solution will considerably reduce your housing bills.

If you settle in Boston with your family and think about buying or renting a house you can study the prices at the following addresses:

Useful adresses for renting, buying and espacially colocating is the website to start your search.

To buy, try:

To rent

Warning : the renting lenght is one year and starts from september 1st until August 31th. We advise you to start your search in advance, especially if you come to study because in July it will be to late In fact, most of the 250 000 students who live in the Boston area are moving at the end of the summer and are intertaining the streets of the town with there trucks.



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