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Amsterdam : before going
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Netherlands are part of the European Union, then, any french can settle there without any paperwork. After three month, you just have to go to the police fo foreigners (vreemdelingendienst) of your town with your passport and your work contract.

Learning the Dutch

Some people say that Dutch is a german dialect, which only humiliates the Netherlandeses, but it is easy to see that it's relatively true. If you speak well english and german, you can avoid learning Dutch. It will come to you after a few evenings in a brown cafe in Amsterdam (bruine tr kroeg). If you want to astonish your fellows, (netherlands people are always very amazed by a french who speaks there language) you can always follow, in Paris, a course at the Netherlands Institut, rue de Lille in the 7th arrondissement.


It's not difficult to find a job in Netherlands. Even if knowing dutch is appreciated, a very good knowledge of english can be enough, especially in fields like computers, IT. For those looking for a job in the Netherlands and not speaking dutch, check the site Undutchables. It's a work agency for foreigners in the Netherlands.

Job ads are published in the dayly newspapers on saturday (principaly the 2 largest national newspapers"De Volkskrant" et "De Telegraaf". There is also a weekly newspaper called "Intermediair" which also gathers a very large number of job offers. Finally, for computer engineers, reading the "Computable" is a must. The two weekly have there websites::



But both are only in Dutch. Finally, for those in a hurry to find a job, it's good to know that in Netherlands and espacially in Amsterdam, there are a lot of european "call centers" européens, like the one of Hewlett-Packard, and that they are usually recruiting a lot! Le The website of the french ambassy is a gold mine for informations. 



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