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Athens: living there

The Foreign Press

In Athens there are a lot of kiosks where foreign press is sold (Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro, Le Point…). You can also find La Tribune hellénique, published in french every 15 days by a greek publisher (society articles, culture, environment and a glance at the political and economical situation in Greece). It's the only french language newspaper published in Greece. There is also a dayly newspaper in english: Athens News

Where to go shopping

Kolonaki Neighbourhood. Located not far from the French ambassy in the city center. You can find many types of shops: clothes, disks, shoes, furnitures. Expensive thought.

Kifissia. Far from the center a new neighbouhood with very beautiful stores. Expensive.

Ermou. Commercial street. Cheap.

Plaka and Monastiraki. Neighbourhood with tourist shops. Quite cheap when discussing the price.

Plateia Abyssinias. Near Monastiraki, antics are sold here.


The cab in cheap and there are a lot of them. Usually you go there with other people. You have to stand on the side of the street and shoot in the direction of the driver.

Phone numbers to Radio taxi:
Athina 1 : 9217942
Express : 9934812
Parthenon : 5814711
Piree 1 : 4182335

Metro. with the Olympics, the metro has weel develloped from it's original sole line in Athens from Kifissia, in the north to Piree, in the south. 120 drs a ticket.

Bus et trolley-bus. Il y en a beaucoup mais attention au trafic. 120 drs le ticket.

Buy the tickets for transportation in the newspapers shops (not for the metro) Acheter les tickets pour les transports en commun dans les kiosques.


Belgique : 3, Sékéri St., Kolonaki. Tel. : 3617886
Cameroun : 180-182, Kifissias St., Néo Psychico. Tel. : 6724415
Canada : 4, Gennadiou St., Kolonaki. Tel. : 7273400
France : 7, Vassissilis Sofias St., Kolonaki. Tel. : 3391000
Gabon : 22, K. Paleologou St. Tel. : 5236795
Liban : 6, 25 Martiou St., Paléo Psychico. Tel. : 6755873
Luxembourg : 11-13, Skoufa St., Kolonaki. Tel. : 3640040
Maroc : 14, Mousson St., Paléo Psychico. Tel. : 6744209
Senegal : 87, Akti Miaouli St., Piré. Tel. : 4291000
Switzerland : 2, Iassou St., Kolonaki. Tél. : 7230364
Togo : 7, rue Filellinon, Athens. Tel. : 3230330
Tunisie : Marathonodromou, Paléo Psychico. Tel. : 6717590
Europenan Union (representative Office) : 2, Vassilissis Sofias St. Tel. : 7272100



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