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Athens: before going

The french in Greece

The french speakers in Greece are about 16.000 (france: 10.000, Belgium: 1.000, Canadians: 800, Suisses: 600 ; others come from africa and are for most of them illegal immigrants). With a population of 10.000 inhabitants, the french community in Greece takes the 4th place. Binationals account for 60%, but we can see a flow of young expats with unviersity degrees. Concerning the french which are only visiting, they are very numerous due to the fact that Greece is an important tourist destination.


In athens, there is only one Franco-Greek high school located in the neighbourhood of Aghia Paraskevi. Right now, there are a little more than 1.600 students among whom 400 are in the greek section and the french section. 70 are in kindergarden, 500 children are in the primary school, 700 are in high school. Conerning the citizenship of thopse students, in the hellenics section, they are almost all Greeks; on the other hand, in the french section, there are about 800 french students -40% franco-french and 60% franco-greeks-, 260 Greeks (children of diplomats, journalists and people who lived a long time outside the country) and finally 200 students are coming from a pool of 30 different nationalities. There are 184 employees, with 130 teachers and among them 40 are working for the greek section.


If you come from the European Union or Switzerland, you don't need avisa to enter Greece, an ID card or a valid passport will be enough.

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