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London : the tube
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The “London underground”, more than a hundred years old and the grandfather of all the metro in the world is tired.

It's not rare that the train stop sometimes for 10 minutes between two stations to let another train pass or wait until it leaves the next station. But you are not left in the dark: the driver almost always say something as an explaination (sometime convincing ones) through oldy speakers. The voice, as weel as the lanes of the great ancestor are old.

Some of it's jewels are Paddington, Camden town or King’s Cross. Earls Court with a lot of signs, indications, light arrows and it's staff running along the sidewalk to advise people about sudden changes.

Always keep an eye on the indications Check the destination written at the fron tof the train and open your ears to announcments. The “Tube” is lunatic, don't trust only one or all the informations.

It's often slow are confusing but as an old gourou it says the best stories. it stands as the best way to discover London (after the bus).

Things have improved since Robert Kiley, the man who transformed the Boston metro and get the New York's one younger, worked on the ancestor. At least there is the new logo.


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