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London : living there
To react or participate: Laurent Picquet ou Hugues de la Marniere ou Christophe Garnier

What to do?

There are somany things to do in London thatyou can get lost in front of the choices.

For those who are not afraid by the expenses, there is shopping on Regent Street which becomes mad befoer christmas, for the others, there are good musicals, everything needed for sport lookers and even active. Your best chance is on the unavoidable Time Out. A restaurant ? I am most of the time choosing the Zagat. But we are getting together a selection with additional comments.

Don't hesitate to send us every useful informations to the frogs' club. We need those updates to be sure not to miss anything.

Favorites shows:

The League Of Gentlemen : a local show for local people.


Witches of Eastwick.

You can ask your questions to the expatriates already settled here, exchange your point of views and recommandations, look for or read questions that were posted by other expats before you at the forum.

Travel: a few hints...

Travelling from London is quite easy and relatively cheap. The looked for destinations this winter are of course under the sun because of the really bad weather we got here. The Reunion, the Maurice Island, for french speakers, South Africa for those who are not afraid by the 14 hour flight and want to take advantage of the low Rand. (VirginAirlines will help you support a long journey)

Don't forget that the Rio Carnaval is in February, and that you should reserve right now.

Skiiing is now very close. Snow falled on some ski stations. Everything is packed in the freench alps: the crisis. If you have not reserved yet, don't worry: you have British Columbia in Canada, it's a bargain thanks to the fall of the Canadian Dollar.

Useful websites

News in french: really cool when you don't have a TV :
France 2 and France 3 for the regional news.

Lycee Charles de Gaulle Get in touch, a lot of useful informations on the french schoold in London.

To find a name in France, using the Minitel is not very simple on the web. France telecom offers the Zoom to help you. Pages Zoom



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