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Singapour: Presentation

Who are the Singapore people?

About three millions inhabitants. These are in the vast majority chinese (70%) who fleed China before or just after WW2. They are mainly coming the south provinces of China. But historicaly, the malaisians are the ‘true’ Singapore people but are only countin for 15% of the inhabitants. The third major ethnical group are the indians (mainly Tamuls) counting for around 10%. There are also many foreigners, japaneses are the counting 30,000 inhabitants, which is 1%. The french are 10 times less reprented with 3,000 froggies approximately.

Which languages do they speak?

The language of the street is english but the english of Singapore is also called singlish (Singapore-English). A pale version of the Shakespeare language. Nowaday, all the chineses speak mandarin (maybe not the oldest chinese) as weel as sveral dialects inheritated from their parents or grandparents, depending on their roots (Hokkien, Teo Cheow, Hakka, Hainanese, Cantonese are the most represneted chinese dialects). The Malaisans all speak Malaisian and the indians Tamul.

What Singapore does looks like?

Singapore is a city-state of approximately 640km2. 30km from east to west and 20km from north to south. The countrry is quite flat and the highest hill, Mount Faber, is only 2000m high. As a whole, it's a clean, modern, rich and also very green city (public gardens). In the center, old and new are often together, which creates the charm of this city. however, as soon as you go out of the citycenter, ,you only found blocks of HDBs until the horizon. It's an intersting experiencec to take the MRT in the center (Orchard Road, Somerset, …) and to continue north until the end on the line until Jurong East. You will see the most when you pass the stations of Sembawang or Admiralty.

Which political regim?

Under the cover of an apparent parlementary republic like in England, Singapore is in fact a dictature where the governing party(the PAP or People’s Action Party) has a hand on everything, ,on the parliament and on justice, and this sim\nce decades. The key people are:
A President, M. ONG who, one has to admit it, is not doing a lot and lives in a crazy property (called Istana, or the castle in frfont of the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Could found a worst place to live.

A Prime Minister, Mr GOH Chok Tong which has all the powers and is elected by the parliament.

A parliament then, made of a hundred of deputies, most of them from the PAP, the GOH Chok Tong's party. 2 or 3 deputies of the opposition, for the show.

A Senior Minister. Function created and used by the symbolic previous Prime Minister of Singapore, M. LEE Kwan Yew. Founder of the PAP, he governed the country during 30 years since the ’independancy d’ from Malaisia in 1965. If Singapour exists today, he has the merit of it. Since he leave the government to GOH Chok Tong, he continues quietly to spend S$1,000,000 per year FRF3,700,000) without doing so much, which pushed one of the opposition deputee to ask the others if Singapore needed a S$1,000,000 per year nanny to presides its destiny.

You will have understood it, the opposition is limited to its most simple expression.


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