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Australia: Immigration
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Paperworks to go to Australia.

Groups of immigrants

There are four principal groups of immigrants:

Family type immigration: you must have a member of your family in Australia to sponsor you.

Job type immigration: you must have professionnel knowledge or exceptionnal capabilities which will bring something to the australian economy.

Refugee type immigration, or any human rights reasons.

Interdependent type immigration: you must have a relation with a citizen or a permanent resident of Ausatrlia.

To emmigrate to Australia, you have to:

Satisfy to the personal and professional conditions requested for the category you are applying for.

Be in good health (there is a complete medical check with an X-ray radio of your lungs to see if you don't have tuberculosis.

Pass the famous Points test.

Family reasons immigration

This type of immigration allows the gathering of family members; it's divided in 2 groups: the priviligied member group, and the concession member group In both cases, the sponsor will have to be a family member of more than 18 years old, and either of australian citizenship or permanent resident.

The priviliged members.

This category is devided into 3 sub categories : husband / wife, fiance(e) (willing to marry in Australia), children (natural or adopted and at the charge of the sponsor), parents (father, mother of the persons who sponsors you in Australia).

The concessions members.

This category id dedicated to the following cases: independant child , parents in age to work, brother or sister, niece or nephew.

Immigration for professionnal reasons

The different categories of Visa are:

Professionnel agreement: this category allows a specialized workforce which has special qualifications and experience, to enter Australia in the framework of a professional agreement.

Special talents: if you are a known artist, a sport person or a nobel prize, then this category is for you (and in addition they welcome you with the red carpet) and you avoid the immigration service line.

Independant candidate: this category is for those who want to immigrate to Australia on there own. The key to get this visa is the Points test.

Immigration in a business goal (Business Skills) : it allows immigration on the basis of prooven competency in the field of business and investments. The candidates must demonstrate that in they manage a business with success in the recent past, that they made investments as a ceo or associate, or that they were manager in a large organization.qu'ils ont fait des investissements In addition, they must have the goal to establish and manage a business or make important investments.

Other categories?

In fact, there are other categories, like the retirement visa which allows to retire from active life in Australia. Get more info at the Australian embassy The "Working Holiday" program, allows young french people to work 3 months and travel for 1 year in Australia.

The Points test

Its goal is to define your profile relatively to the country's needs. Thanks to this test, you will immediatly know if you candidacy has any chance to be accepted or not.

To be sure to fail it, be less than 18 years old or more than 50, get less than 10 years of school, no english knowledge and no family in Australia.

On the countrary, to succeed, be 18 to 29 year old, with good english knowledge, degrees and family there.

Let's recapitulate on the visa

Whatever your nationality, you must have a visa to enter in Australia. All visas which number starts with 67 last less than 3 months. Those with 68 are lasting more than 3 months.

Tourist : most of those visas last between 3 and 6 months.

Business : visas for business negociations, les conferences...

Close Family : for the parents, spouses, husbands, children , brother sister visting an Australian resident.

Students : to get it, the courses must last more than 3 months (if less than 3 moths, the tourist visa is enough) and take place in a recognized institution. It alows you to work 20 hours/w.

Working Holiday visa : 1 year visa/3 month work.

The other paperworks

It has to be valid 6 months after entry on the australian territory.

If in the 14 days preceeding your arrival in Australia, you were in a country like Brazil or Angola, your vaccinations must be up to date. In any cases, inquire before leaving, and bring your vaccins booklet.

Travel insurance.
Don't forget it ! Take one adpated to your needs, and don't be moneykeeping regarding on its lenght, because nobody knows what can happen...

Driving licence.
Get an international driving licence in your country ; After 1 year, you will have to get the local licence.

Bring several certified photocopies of all your important papers, and keep them somewhere different from the originals !



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