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Chicago : housing
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In Chicago like elsewhere, several options are available:

High rise modern, coasy, sometime offering beautiful views, “all services included” (guards, gym center, terrasse, laundery), they are the choice of many expats, but they are lacking personality. They can be found mainly downtown and alon the Michigan Lake, in the north coming from downtown.

The “townhomes”. In general with 3 stories, a small private garden and a garage on an back alley on the garden side. Next to quiet road but very close to the busy streets, they make the most of the housing market in Chicago. When they are not the home of their owner, they can be rented, often by level. It's the ideal if you are looking for your own coasy place and to live an authentique neighbooring experience.

The lofts: old storehouses or manufactures, these renovated flats offer the same level of confort than the high rises, in spacious appartments. They are sometimes outside but never very far from the center or the active neighbourhoods. The suburb housewith its drive-way to park your cars, its open lawn (no gates between the gardens, quiet roads). Ideal for families. A major con: it's impossible to do anything without taking the car.

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