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Chicago : Economy, Jobs, Studies
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The economical life in Chicago

In Chicago as almost everywhere in the United States, business is king, and it's going well. Chicago is the home of many international american companies, among themUnited Airlines, McDonalds, Motorola (electronics and telecoms), Caterpillar (building materials), Baxter (chimistry), Andersen Consulting, et AT Kearney (management consulting). Also companies less known on an international scale but among the largest in the US in their fields like Ameritech (phone), Sears and Marshall Fields (large stores), or Leo Burnett (ads agency). All the large international banks are there.

Chicago is the home of the largest stock options market in the US and is the first market in terms of agricultural trade (Chicago Board of Trade et Chicago Board of Exchange). Chicago has a very rich network of small and middle sized businesses in industry, commerce and services.

Coming to work in Chicago

Even if the city is in ful economical health and the unemployment at the lowest, finding a job if you are a foreigner remains a challenge. If you are an expat, no problems, your company takes care of everything. If you just decide to go by yourself, a few advices and remarks:
unless you have an america degree, you will have to double your efforts to explain your education and experience to your interviewers.
Getting a visa can take time and requires to plan and get infos on the details. You will have to find a lawyer there which will take care of the paperwork for you. In all cases, the first step is to get a job, because it will be your company which will be the sponsor of your visa.
Talking to the french authorities.
Some jobs are priviliged: if you are a baker or a cook, or a computer engineer, finding a job and getting a visa may be easier.

Studying in Chicago

Chicago is the site of two world class universities. The University of Chicago, reknown for it's research in economy, medecine, and sciences (more than 70 Nobel prices, unequaled record in the world) and its business school (University of Chicago Graduate School of Business), and Northwestern University, famous for its business school (Kellogg Business School) and its journalism, musics and performing acts schools, among others.

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