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Boston: the Week Ends

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The following is not a guide, but rather a brief description of the nicest place around Boston. For the weekends, you have several possibilities depending on the time of the year:

During automn, the fields of New England shouldn't be missed. The mix of colors is totally unique.

During the winter, you have the sky resorts of course, the closest are at a one and a half hours drive. However, if you go skiing for the weekend, the more distant slops of Vermont are of better quality.

During spring, the beach destinations are tkaing again some services, Cap Cod becomes a must. The north Boston coast in the state of Maine, especially after Portland town is also well visited. The Maine is a recommanded destination all avor the year. If you go there during the week or on saturday, brands amateurs will be satisfied : on the road, you will find usine centers for Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Burberry's at incredible prices. And finally, for the bretons, I can jsut advise a small trip to north Portland along the coast on a windy day…

During the summer, it's again the Cap which is the preferred destination of Bostonians, and New England. If you don't like crowds, please abstain.


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