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Married to a French citizen who became a Canadian citizen, I was able to enter Canada with him and got a visa from Landed Immigrant. It was renewable until he made all the papers for me and stands as guarantor for me during 10 years, until I spent a thorough medical visit and gave my prints to the police for checking any criminal record in my country of origine.

After one year, I was accepted as a "Permanent Resident" within the framework of family reunifictions. Yes, one does not separate the woman from her husband! Well, we had to prove that the marriage was not a blank marriage intended to facilitate my immigration request.

After that, I had to wait 3 years of residency in Canada to become in a Canadian citizen. This enables me to leave and return to Canada without any time limits. It's useful when one has family in France.

I also passed my driving licence in Vancouver, Canada with test on computer, questions with 4 answers whose right answer is to be found each time and a driving test of course. My international driving licence was only recognized for one year by the provincial authorities of British Columbia.

The Canadians taught me tolerance, to judge people not on appearances but on what they do. thanks to them, I became a better person and I must say that I have developed tawords the Canadian and American women an admiration without limits for their tenacity, kindness, self confidence and confidence in the mankind, creativity and achievements. They open to me the door of freedom, that of the self-confidence and I never smelled myself as free as in Canada. It's an astonishing country which is worth the trip.


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