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Canada : before you go
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The expatriation Quiz:

Before leaving, it's necessary to ask yourself to right questions :
1- What is my personal motivation, what do I expect from this country?
2- Am I ready to adapt to a new culture, a new language, a new life style with an open spirit ? It means loosing ones points of reference to acquire others.
3- Finally, am I made to emigrate: to leave family, friends, routine, to go in an aventure, have I the spirit of a pioneer?,

Answer : If you replied yes without hesitation to the last two answers, you are made to imigrate ! Congratulations.

Canada presentation

Canada was recognized by l'Office of the United Nations like the best country of the world to live "the best place in the world to live" and this for the 5th consecutive year!

- Canada is an immense country and little populated: 10 million of km2 for 30 millions inhabitants living mainly in the southern part of the country bordering the United States where the climate is the best.
- The Two official language are english and french.
- An immigration policy favorize multiculturalism and welcomes immigrants from 150 differents countries around the world.
- important natural resources like forests, fishing, mines, agriculture and energy.
- manufactured goods: paper, technological equipment, cars, food, clothing, etc.
- industries of service, like transport, construction, banks, education and the health system. The latter providing canadians 70% of employment.
- Bordered on the west by the pacific ocean, on the east by the atlantic ocean and on the north by the artic ocean, Canada, with the thousands of rivers and lakes can be proud of being the largest water reserve on earth. Which will not be negligible in the future, when due to climate changes, water will be a resources as precious than oil if it's not more.
- Canada recognizes double nationality and one can become a citizen wihtou loosing it's nationality or origin.
- a friendly and often cordial population with a very positive and encouraging mentality and I will quote you only two anecdotes to support my assertions:
             * A young frenchwomen I met in Vancouver was living and working there. Asking here if she likes it, she said to me and my husband : a lot a mon Mari et a moi en nous disant : “very much, here people valorize people with ideas, encourage tham and give them a promotion. which is not the case in France”.
             * A guy to whom I asked informations and that I was thanking for the quality and quatity of his advices told me: “you are welcome it's important to share informations!”

Where to get official informations?

To know the formality, you can consult your local Canadian embassy, center of commerce, library.

Official governemental sites Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.
One of the many interesting websites on Canada :

Advice to navigate the web : on each wesbite, there are always FAQ and links sections which give a list of other useful links.


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