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Vancouver : Presentation
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Tired by my 10 hours flight and only worried about recovering my luggages and with catching a yellow cab, I started to look around only in my taxi which drives from Southern Vancouver where the airport is located towards towards the city of Vancouver which you suddenly see in all its splendour upper the coast, it's a shock! On the opposite you have coastal mountains. As the taxi runs you have the impression that the mountains are so close that you almost forget to admire the splendid trees along the road the houses with the superb gardens. Bellow the mountains, then appear the famous buildings of the town center from which the pyramids of glass of various colors are reflected in the sun and are, oh miracle, perfectly integrated in their environment.

Don't misundersand me, I belong the the generation of the french baby boomers and was not born with buildings around. If I had been told that one day, I would find the builds harmonious, I would certainly had laugh to the person who say such a nonsense. It should be seen to trusted. Forgotten the 10 hours flight, tiredness, in tenth of a second the panorama of breath cutting beauty opening in front of my eyes had conquered me. I had just fallen in love with Vancouver. And finally the cherry on the cake: the Pacific at the foot of the mountains with Park Stanley was lying before my amazed eyes.

It was the beginning of a 7 years period when I have not ceased criss crossing the city to discover its beauties and each time ot was with amazament. Vancouver with the thousands and one faces, ultra modern city for the businessmen, but also deliciously retro, away from the large arteries, in its streets bordered of little adorable houses or large ladies of the victorian times, to the always green lawns and carefully manicured and where you can see blossoming rhododendrons in January. No, I do not invente, Vancouver has the thousand and ones species of trees, Vancouver scented with these Japanese cherry trees in spring which make it like a pink wedding veil and the sumptuous magniolias, hibiscus, hydrangeas, everything grows marvelously in Vancouver. Do you know why ? because it often rains, but when the sun returns, the city is so beautiful that all is forgotten and one falls again under the charm.

Vancouver the sport one with its many grounds of baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, golfs enchased in marvellous parks, in short the words are impotent to describe the beauties of this city. It should be lived, because its life style is inimitable.


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