Volunteering and Voyage Guide - Travel and Review

Global Volunteers
This organization is dedicated to promoting volunteerism and helping folks find volunteer opportunities worldwide.
Volunteer Abroad
Here you can search through thousands of international volunteering opportunities.
Go Volunteer
A site that helps community organisations looking for volunteers, and allows volunteers to find out about volunteer opportunities in Australia.
United Planet
A non-profit public charity devoted to cross-cultural & geographical understanding and promoting peace, friendship, & economic prosperity among cultures. This organization utilizes community and technology to enhance intercultural understa
A non-profit organisation which helps volunteers find postings all over the world.
This site has a great list of international volunteer opportunities.
i to i International Projects
Did you put your hand up for an international project and then realise you had no idea what volunteers abroad was all about? Find out here.
Volunteers for Rural Development, Ghana
Volunteers for Rural Development (VRD) is a workcamp service for volunteers willing to make a positive contribution to poor communities and themselves in rural areas and to carry out environmental and social work
Global Volunteer Network
The Global Volunteer Network is a non profit organisation which places people in community projects in China, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, and Romania. Volunteers may participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs,
Cultural Solutions - For the people, by the people. Right in the thick of things when it comes to marrying volunteer work with local solutions.
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