Study - Work Abroad and Voyage Guide - Travel and Review

Working In New Zealand
The website of the Department of Labour of New Zealand's Immigration Service, this is the place to go to find out if you need a visa to work in New Zealand and how to apply for it.
Heritage Conservation Network
HCN conducts hands-on building conservation workshops at significant historic sites around the world to assist ongoing preservation efforts and provide training in traditional building and building conservation skills.
Working Holiday Visas
Australia - Information about the WHM Visa Subclass 417, which allows certain young people to work & holiday in Australia.
News, features and listings for finding paid and voluntary jobs abroad, including tourism, childcare, kibbutz and TEFL jobs. Also free monthly Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB).
International Study and Travel Center
A hefty voluntary work database and over a thousand study opportunities.
Cultural Restoration Tourism Project
Non-profit organization rebuilding Buddhist temple Baldan Baravain, in beautiful Khenti, offers week long tourist packages in conjunction with the rebuilding of the temple.
Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand
Learn about volunteering opportunities with this non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Thailand's native species.
Cactus Education
For help with finding a suitable university course, 'A'-level or state school course or qualification in the UK and Europe.
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
The place to look to find work on organic farms around the globe.
Helping folks make for international travel, work and living a dream come true.
Internships in Argentina and Chile
Internship placement program in areas such as marketing, public relations and art history. A language course and testing of proficiency is a component of placements.
Library of International Programs
Schools and programs in almost 100 countries. You can find out how your prospective school fares at the 'ask the student' section.
Go Abroad
Great information for working, studying, volunteering or just going overseas.
Escape Artist
A massive resource for 'expatriates and freedom seekers'.
World Wide List of Study Abroad Providers
Experiential programs include internship and au pair listings as well as straight academic stuff.
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