Offbeat Travel and Voyage Guide - Travel and Review

Signs of the City - Ruavista explores city streets and urban life through all kinds of signs: street graphics, architecture, street sounds...
Generous Adventures Travel Auctions
An on-line auction of award-winning accommodations, unusual trips and eco tours from around the world, donating profits to non-profit organizations benefiting people and places worldwide.
Res - For those looking for a getaway a little off the beaten path. Eco-lodges, yoga retreats, spas and health centers are featured.
Mofostyle World Tour
The Mofo Travel Journals - Adventure and travel around the world. Pictures and good vibes abound.
(so you've decided to travel around europe)
Cute little site built around the art of traveling by scooter. With pictures, a route map, and practical advice. Non-commercial, no ads.
Original funny travel signs -- not stolen copies from the web -- that pay for submissions. Partnered with NPR's Savvy Traveler program.
Planet Out
Get all the goss on where to be out when you're out and about. It's a gay guide to the world, with feature news stories, destination guides and links to gay-friendly travel agents.
nights - Camper Van Travel first hand - from building out to heading out and all stops in between.
Expedition site about a group that drove around the world in a year by Land Rover - 12 months, 67 countries, 70,000 km.
Travel Sickness Bags
An all-you-need-to-know guide about puking at 20,000 feet.
Alternative Dictionaries of International Slang
Polish your multilingual skills by learning to say 'copulate' in 80 languages.
dorf in scuol - Living large in the snow and ice. Igloos for all occaisions including parties and places to stay.
Chiminos Island
An Eco Archeological Adventure! - Do you fancy yourself Indiana Jones? Archaeology and a vacation in one.
There's more than just a Marcos-style shoe fetish going on here - there's travel stories and travelogues from a mountain of independent travellers wearing out the leather.
Wingers Style - Information for tourists on 'winging' your way to adventure! Tons of information on traveling, adventure, and winging it through different countries. Includes detailed info on the countries, a forum, and more!
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