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Country Connect
A directory of every active national tourist office based in the UK.
Finding Cheap Airfare, Lodging, Cars - This site specializes in tips and techniques to do well at the online travel auction site priceline - although the principles explained will help with others.
Are you a single female interested in doing an eco-friendly dog sledding tour in the Chaco Region of South America? Here's the site for you.
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
Links to just about every official tourism site on the web. is a search engine directory about web cams and live video from the entire world. Geographical research or by themes: sea, mountain, city, animals, strange, traffic, weather reportï¾…
Lite, but also clean, bright and fun.
An information portal launched by British Airways crew to help save time and money when abroad or at home.
Looking for info about shipping Rover to Denmark? Or getting Muffy out of quarantine? Find out from fellow expats.
Fly drive holidays in the USA
A USA fly drive planning resource based on the experiences of a British traveller, supplemented by information from site visitors.
Slow Travelers
A community of people interested in a different type of travel. Lists of vacation rentals, apartment and villa reviews, survival guides, restaurant and hotel reviews, trip reports, travel notes.
Real Holiday Guide
A basic search engine but the content all comes from real live people who stayed at real live places. It's in its infancy - there's not many records there yet - but it's a grand idea.
Travel Planner
State-by-state listing of USA visitors and convention bureaus.
Eurodestination Travel Guide
Your one-stop shop for getting around Europe.
Travel with Kids
The lowdown on dragging the nippers round the globe.
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