Senegal and Africa Guide - Travel and Review

Senegalese Association of United Volunteers
SENEVOLU is a not-for-profit organization founded to promote community tourism and other projects through homestays and cultural immersion.
Dakar's first cybercafe and French-speaking Africa's premier ISP offers all kinds of flashy, info-laden tidbits on their site.
Il portale sul Senegal in Italia
Everything you need to know about Senegal - in Italian.
Africa News Online
Tallies the continent's news stories and splays them out for your quick reference.
You can get a quick sniff of the weather from this site's Dakar page.
Africa Volunteer Senegal
SENEVOLU - Designed to promote tourism in Senegal, Sï¿©nï¿©volu offers a variety of homestays and intercultural immersions for travellers.
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