General Africa and Africa Guide - Travel and Review
Bills itself as 'the largest Internet site on Afrocentric business and information.' Need they say more?
Daily Mail and Guardian
Keeps you up to date on all things African.
Go on a virtual safari with the web-cams at this site. It also features articles about African wildlife.
Africa Server
A funky, easy-to-navigate site offering access to over 100 African news publications. Links are organised by country or by theme, and the site also has links to live radio.
Africa in a Beetle
If you're planning a cross-country trip, check out Marcel Stoessel's fantastic site. It's a wonderful travelogue of Southern and Central Africa, as seen through the windscreen of a 23 year-old VW Beetle.
Yale Africa Guide
An amazing collection of links on all aspects of Africa online.
An interesting news/opinion site run by Africans in the United States.
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